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Tech is the center
of my universe.

Brian Cooley


Understanding and communicating

the complexities of tech is key to business success.

With a unique blend of tech knowledge, real listening and plain speaking, Brian Cooley helps process, solve and communicate the challenges brands face with consumer technology.

His deep and unique work experience makes him an insightful partner for you or your team - helping you gain an unfair advantage in the marketplace.

Cooley gives you an advantage with:


Technology Insights

Understand tech trends beyond the gear and hype.

Panel Moderation

Panels & firesides fly or flop based on how they're led.

Media Production

Seize an audience with writing and hosting that can't be ignored.

Presentation Coaching

Deliver a presentation that leaves the audience on your side.


A senior technology editor at CNET for over 25 years, Brian Cooley is known for making tech make sense with an affable and informed style that delivers insights, not just information. Brands and their agencies go to him for advice on how to dovetail their offerings with current trends in consumer technology.


Cooley also offers coaching in the skills that have made him a sought after keynote speaker and moderator at major events including CES, Cannes Lions, Advertising Week, Publicis HealthFront and major auto shows.


Prior to tech media Brian enjoyed a career in morning drive radio in Los Angeles and San Francisco, experience he draws upon to show you how to hold an audience and cut through the noise of other voices.

About Brian Cooley
Past Engagements
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“Brian is amazing at gathering the facts and presenting them in a most compelling way”

Riccardo Spina / Venture Strategy / HT&R

“Brian Cooley checks the tech and always tells it like it is..."


"When Brian Cooley takes the stage, you know CES is underway."


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