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Humans won the evolutionary lottery but we turned out to be sore winners, cruelly exploiting non-human animals that lack some of our gifts. Through Humane Outlook I help organizations that improve animal welfare to position their story and communicate it.

My pro-bono services span three elements:

Presentation Tuning

Many presentations are dull or insult an audience's intelligence. I can help you create a presentation that leaves an audience wanting more from you, not relieved that you finished.

Panel Moderation

Panel discussions and fireside chats fly or flop based on how well they're conceived and how skillfully they're moderated. I can help you build and moderate those kinds of talks.

Media Production

We live in a sea of visual media, but my career has been built on successfully standing out. I can share the secrets for creating video and audio that hold attention and generate empathy.

A senior technology editor for over 25 years, Brian Cooley understands why consumers embrace or reject new ways of doing things. Major brands and their agencies go to him for advice on positioning their products within the currents trends of consumer technology.

Cooley is a mentor with the Good Food Institute , chairs the advocacy commitee at Marin Humane and teaches the skills that have made him a sought after keynote speaker and moderator at major events including CESCannes LionsAdvertising Week and the Publicis HealthFront.


Animal Welfare is Technology.

Alternative proteins, cruelty-free fibers and replacements for animal testing are all forms of new technology: Not the consumer electronics and digital media that first come to mind, but technology in the full sense of the word: How we get things done better tomorrow than we do today. 

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