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My Slam Dunk Last Minute Tech Gifts

Normally a list like this would have a pre-conceived number of 10 or 20 products, but I don't have that many to recommend that you haven't seen on every other list. I have 3. Each of these I recommend because I've determined that they're simple to use, utterly reliable, solve a genuine need and are very cost effective. That's what tech stuff should always be (but often isn't).

I don't get paid for any of these recommendations, the manufacturers didn't send them to me and I use each one solely of my own accord. (I guess you can tell what I think of "influencers".)

This lesser-known $60 product converts all your TV antenna channels into streams that you can watch on any device running the Sling app, including televisions (though, frustratingly, not on Windows computers). You need an antenna, of course, but I get great results with anything from a flimsy little sheet antenna to the excellent Winegard Elite. A great exit lane from the complicated, expensive mess that streaming the NFL has become.

App-controlled outlets are perhaps the best things in a so-called "smart home" and TP Link's Kasa line is my favorite for its simplicity, rock solid reliability and low cost. You'll have quick control from the app and ability to easily schedule on/off times. $22 for a set of 4.

A simple, elegant $98 home blood pressure cuff that is compact, accurate and seems to run forever on a charge. It uses clinical pressure technology rather than some new sensing methods that don't necessarily work. Can track your blood pressure history in your Apple or Android health profile or in its own excellent app, but its simple indicators mean you may not even feel the need to. Rolls up neatly into what may be the most portable real BP cuff.

If these don't work for you, check out CNET's much more exhaustve list.


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